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Flutes From Peter Ross's Personal Collection

Japanese Shakuhachi

Contact Peter by email or by Internet phone: (720) 891-4580; if you are interested in this flute or have questions.

Here is a brief list of the flutes Peter has for sale. There are pictures and more detailed descriptions below.

“Photos available upon request”

In addition to these prices, Peter would also be open to trading for a high quality silver flute.


Kaneyasu Dodo 1.9 (7 hole)
Price: $1,500

1.9 by Kaneyasu Dodo: (Kaneyasu is a student of Shigemi Inoue, and the founder of the kinkoryu Koun-kai school in the early 20's.) Very old, good, Kinko flute. Note the narrow gauge bindings on the middle joint. Has ancient shakuhachi tone. 7-hole

John Kaizan Neptune 2.4 Jinashi
Price: SOLD!

This excellent 2.4 has been the personal performance flute of professional shakuhachi maker and player Peter Ross for many years. The flute is in perfect condition with no cracks. As you can see in the photos, the first hole has been moved to accomodate a more relaxed finger position. In addition, an extra finger hole was filled in between the third and fourth holes. Peter likes to play jazz on his flutes so he likes the extra notes. This has no effect on the instrument.

From Peter Ross:
"After searching for many years, I chose this 2.4 as my main Dokyoku performance shakuhachi. The rich tone color and responsiveness allowed me to fully express myself. A flute like this can easily become a part of you. It is light in weight, so can be played for hours. John Neptune is known for his jinashi flutes. They have a very full tone, expressive voice and more volume than most flutes of this type."

Miura Ryuho 1.6 - Personal Performance Shakuhachi of Michael Chikuzen Gould
Made from 350 Year Old Smoked Bamboo. Two Signatures.

This is an extremely rare, valuable and beautiful shakuhachi made from 350 year old smoked bamboo (susudake). Michael Chikuzen Gould owned and performed with this flute for 10 years before Peter acquired it. There are no cracks at all on this shakuhachi and it is in perfect tune. The utaguchi is ivory with gold inlay. This shakuhachi displays two signatures from the maker.

Michael Chikuzen Gould's personal comments on this shakuhachi:

"I have owned this Miura Ryuho 1.6 shakuhachi since 1995; it is roughly 10 years old. However, the smoked bamboo (susudake) which this flute is made from, is well over 300 years old. It was taken from old farmhouse in the mountains of Japan.

In these old farmhouses, bamboo poles were located at the top of the house and had rope attached to them. This rope held cooking utensils which hung over the hearth in the middle of the house. In this way the bamboo was smoked naturally over years of time.

The blowing edge of this bamboo is completely brown, all the way through, because it is literally smoked to the core. And since it is a very old piece of bamboo, there is no smell. Brand new smoked shakuhachi have a smell and they are not smoked to the core.

Miura Ryuho attached a root end to this piece of bamboo and it is beautifully laquered. There are three bindings of high grade rattan on this shakuhachi. However, there are no cracks whatsover. The tuning is on this flute is perfect. The utaguchi is ivory with pure gold inlay surrounding it.

Once again, this is a very rare piece of bamboo and an extremely valuable shakuhachi. Flutes like this can sell in Japan for $18,000 or higher. This shakuhachi displays two signatures from Miura Ryuho."

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