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"You've surpassed your former glory on this one.  I'm listening to it for the second time as I write and the sound moved me to stop working and drop you a line and tell you how much I like Mystic Caravan. Your best by far I think we can say don't you?  So glad I'm on you most favored list for receiving your latest works. Great collection of musicians.  Great groove, especially on Mystic caravan, which could have gone on longer. Well recorded, great playing, love the tabla. Banares trilogy is a nice piece too, lots going on there.  This is a very good all round recording.  Hopefully other shakuhachi players will get a chance to listen to your original recordings.

Congratulations. Splendid recording."

Ray Brooks (author of "Blowing Zen....finding an authentic life)

"We are airing your CD's. We're playing 3-4 tracks off Primitive Heart and Mystic Caravan. I must say that usually when I hear music at music fairs, I'm disappointed when I get the CD home. But that is definitely NOT the case with you. Really nice stuff.

John Dilliberto, Producer of NPR's "Echoes".

From Jai Uttal, world music recording artist
"Hey peter,
Thanks so much for sending me your new CD "Primitive Heart", I got to listen to most of it
tonight coming back from my indian music class. Fantastic! You sound beautiful, as does your percussionist Will Dowd and Gary Haggerty.  What an amazing equation: one moment of thoughtfullness on your part and
many hours of pleasure and enjoyment on mine.  Thank you again, and good
luck with it.
best of best wishes,"


"Peter,  I'm struck by how good your recordings sound and by how good your performances are. Some players may know some pieces that you don't know yet, but I don't think they have anything to improve on your sound or technique.  I think your tone is outstanding and your phrasing is very
artful" - Al Skaar, Seattle, WA

"Hello Peter,
Thanks so much for the beautiful CD "Mystic Caravan". Kinya and I both love world music & Indian music very much.  This fall I am going to be teaching shakuhachi in Budapest.  I will take along your CD's to let the students hear what you do with the instrument. I especially want them to hear what you did with Itsuki no Komoriuta.(Lullaby of Itsugi Village)

Best Regards,"

Laurie Sogawa , Tokorosawa, Japan ( advanced shakuhachi player and wife
of shakuhachi master Kinya Sogawa)

"Peter,  Thanks for sending me your new CD. I enjoyed listening to it. Besides your playing I also like the Indian vocals and the guitar playing a lot. Of course all the musicians are quite good.  It's nice to hear the shakuhachi doing something else.


Brian Ritchie (Bass player, Violent Femmes)

"Hi Peter,

I love your new Mystic Caravan CD!"
Marceil , Seattle, WA

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